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In this section you can download the latest version of the IDNV software. The installation packages are available in the following formats:

  • As zip file
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    After the download, you need to unzip the file to the desired location and start the included setup.exe file.
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You will need your IDNV user name (format: 12345_NAME) to download the files.

IDNV-Master   Publishers / catalog management
Version 3.1.8

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You will need your IDNV user name (format: 12345_NAME) to download the files marked with a lock.

IDNV-Master (for data management)
IDNV-Sales (for order processing)
IDNV-Order (for research & ordering)

Allocation of ISMN

The ISMN (International Standard Music Number) is a special number range of the EAN (European Article Number) or GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), which today can be found as a bar code on almost every product in the retail industry.

The ISMN simplifies the handling of sheet music for the publishers themselves, but, above all, for retailers and libraries.

In the IDNV system, the ISMN is the most important number for the unambiguous identification of musical items. In German-speaking countries, the IDNV serves as the central location for registering product information of items with ISMN.

Retailers use the ISMN and its bar codes with their ERP and cashier systems. For libraries, the ISMN has an important function for the compilation of acquisition lists and for archiving processes.

If you have any questions regarding the use of ISMN single numbers or number blocks for your items, please contact us:

Telephone: +49 2233 80 410 60

Application forms and further information are available at:


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Our service partner Acamar

In association with the IDNV, the Acamar Management & Service GmbH & Co. KG offers editorial services and professional data maintainence. The Acamar services in the sector of printed music include:

  • IDNV editorial team: daily survey and provision of all incoming data modifications
  • Editorial advice and general support for all IDNV participants
  • Data input and management for IDNV participants
  • Scanning services for the capturing of cover and example pages
  • Scanning services for the complete digitization of printed music editions

Further Acamar services include:

  • Data input services for the Phonographic Industry
  • Allocation of ISMN for Germany, Austria and Switzerland on behalf of and in cooperation with the DMV e.V. (German Music Publishers Association)

Phone: +49 2233 80 410 60

Find out more at: