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With the IDNV you save time and ensure security and liability for you and your trading partners.

The IDNV supports the distribution chain of the music industry in their daily routine and therefore has a multiplying effect on end customers who look for, play, learn, or want to perform music.

As a business network the IDNV connects professional users in the industry: Music publishers, retailers and institutions - transnationally in English, German and French.

Be present on the market

For your publishing house, a participation in the network offers comprehensive services and benefits. The centerpiece are your editions which you list and publish in the IDNV. Your catalog is then available in the IDNV system, making you a part of the international professional network and allowing you to profit from the functions, norms and standards of the system.

At the same time you keep complete editorial control over your catalog. You decide which items will be shown, how much they cost, and how they should be distributed.

Inform efficiently, do business successfully

The IDNV is the medium to reliably and efficiently inform retailers daily about your releases, because it has been officially authorized to do so by partners, retailer organizations and publisher organizations as well as from the individual participants.

For this purpose it acts as a reference system, and thus, as a place, where you can add important information, to meet the information requirements of the market. This pertains especially to:

  • ISMN: The International Standard Number for sheet music. Register your edition's ISMN.
  • Price reference function for countries with legally mandated resale price maintenance: Publish your price, particularly the binding sale price.

Additionally, the IDNV also offers valuable assistance, standards and services. You have a system with high quality data infrastructure, which you can use for your own applications, such as in connection with your homepage or ERP system.

Whether for large, medium, or independent publishers - the IDNV offers the perfect tool and service for catalog data management, order processing and much more.

Optimize your workflows

The creation of item information for different systems is crucial, yet it generally involves considerable time and effort. Usually, the data needed is stored in various places, and in the worst case, it comes in multiple versions which might be outdated as well. Thus, for a publication all the required information has to be gathered and compiled into the correct format in a process of many small steps. This workflow is not only elaborate and time-consuming, but most of all prone to error. The IDNV offers you a suitable solution.

Optimize the processes for the publishing of your item data with IDNV-Master and our optional data center services. Use the IDNV as your source and system for product information, your own website, newsletters, your ERP, price lists, product flyers, (online-) catalogs as well as other systems for retailers and trade.

We will be happy to advise you in greater detail and discuss your individual options.