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This experience might seem familiar. Your customer is standing in front of you and needs information regarding a product they want. Fast! Maybe you want to create a selection of items to assist in the consultation. Unfortunately, your customer hasn't given exact information, which means they need your expertise.

You could look online, and hope that you find what you are looking for directly and that your network connection doesn't leave you hanging at that exact moment. You can look through the various publishers' and distributors' catalogs. Then you would need to contact multiple distributors per telephone to ask about prices and availability.

Or you could just use the IDNV. With the IDNV you have access to the publishers' original catalog information in one central location. This includes up-to-date information regarding newly published works, availability, prices and plentiful additional valuable information. The software is installed locally on your computer, ensuring high performance and flexibility at all times.

The system for your daily business

And the best part is: You can order the items directly in the IDNV-Order software. No need to exert yourself to write the order number, send a fax, or make an extra call. Plus, some publishers and distributors will only give you special deals if you order from the IDNV, and many times the orders are even processed faster. This is because the IDNV simplifies the processes for all parties involved.

In a nutshell: IDNV-Order is the ideal tool for your daily work. A large quantity of data, up-to-date and clearly displayed, fast and flexible search functions combined with a comfortable and secure order system. The system is topped off with useful optional add-on functions and services.