Professional solutions for the sheet music industry The IDNV is the official database of the sheet music industry. But it is so much more than that!

The IDNV is more than a simple catalog. It is the fusion of technology, man-power and organization. This is thanks to a sophisticated infrastructure, combining applications, services and editorial work.

Notable publishers and sheet music retailers are connected to each other as part of this business network. Extensive services and reliable technology simplify the exchange of information between the participants.

With the comprehensive, up-to-date, international database of the IDNV, the editorially managed original data of the publishers is at your disposal with the fast, secure and intuitive IDNV user interface.

With additional services and indivdual add-on components, the IDNV offers tailor-made solutions for every participant.

Discover the IDNV 3

With the new version of the IDNV new features and the continuing consequent developments of the system are at your disposal. During development, we have taken the feedback we received from customers and the needs of the market into consideration and integrated them into our system.

The centerpiece of the new version is the new internet protocol "AODP" (Automatic Ordering & Delivery Protocol) which publishing houses and retailers can use to take the sale and distribution of digital sheet music in their own hands. In the first expanded test phase AODP is available to IDNV participants with the IDNV software for publishers and retailers. Subsequent development for the integration in other systems is in planning and will be implemented upon completion of this test phase.

Please find below a selection of the new features:

Even more convenient to use

Feature "Quick search" in every tab. Saveable list views, pre-defined views, new search functions within lists and dialogue windows. Automated standardization of information on product types, instruments and instrumentation.

Innovative technology

New features and fields for the presentation and the sale of digital sheet music editions with AODP.

Additional possibilities for price information

New display features for scaled prices and information on ebundles and their particular VAT components. New field "Discount code".

Even more detailed and comprehensive

Increased data quality due to fundamental revision of code lists for instruments, instrumentation, and product type. Numerous new or extended fields, e.g. lot, custom tariff no., temporary non-availability, display of availability in days, detailed instrumentation fields, ability to indicate several languages etc.

Quick overview

A new tab in the item mask displays all associated items. You can see at a glance the single components of bundles, items of the same product groups or editions that are offered in different forms, formats or levels of quality.

Decentral and secure digital sales

Security technology and the new internet standard AODP are already integrated from version 3.0 onwards, available in a first trial phase for IDNV users in the IDNV software for publishers and retailers.
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The ISMN simplifies the handling of sheet music for the publishers themselves, but, above all, for retailers and libraries.
In the IDNV system, the ISMN is the most important number for the unambiguous identification of musical items. In German-speaking countries, the IDNV serves as the central location for registering product information of items with ISMN.
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